NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

2012 NDF Evaluation


Evaluation of NDF’s Progress under the Climate Mandate.

In May 2011, NDF’s Board of Directors decided to initiate an external evaluation of NDF’s progress under the climate mandate.

Through a tendering process, the Norwegian consulting company Vista Analysis was appointed for the assignment. The report Evaluation of NDF’s progress under the climate mandate (May 2012) confirms positive results and is encouraging in showing that the reforms done at NDF have paid off. In short, the report shows that the institution is going in the right direction regarding its strategy and targets.

The main findings of the report indicate that NDF’s instruments and work fit well into the international climate financing agenda and that NDF’s funding reaches the countries that need it most.

Furthermore, the report states that NDF is fulfilling its objectives by facilitating greater investments to address climate change in developing countries, increasing additionality and complementarity in relation to other available financing, and promoting Nordic priorities. Moreover, NDF’s role is noted to have changed markedly from the past towards being an active contributor in project design.

The evaluation report also concludes that NDF adheres well to good practice in development assistance, notably the principles elaborated in the Paris Declaration for Aid Effectiveness, and that NDF compares favorably when ranking aid agencies by development effectiveness practices.

Finally, the report highlights that NDF is a results-oriented organisation which is concerned about quick and smooth decision processes and ensuring the quality of the decisions made. Thus NDF was found to be “adding value without adding costs” to the project cycle.

The report’s positive main findings regarding fulfillment of objectives, increased value added, streamlined approval procedures, a high level of development effectiveness and the organisation’s results orientation form a good foundation for future work at NDF. NDF’s Board has taken note of the report’s recommendations and will, as appropriate, incorporate these into NDF’s operations.