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Climate financing extended in Africa

Photo: Juhani Annanpalo

The ClimDev Special Fund (CDSF) supports both adaptation and mitigation projects within infrastructure, natural resources and climate change related capacity building in Africa.

There have been challenges in African countries in gathering the information needed for assessing climate risks and quantifying climate trends. In addition the demand for climate financing in Africa currently far outweighs the available funds.

The African Development Bank administered CDSF tackles these problems. It supports projects by individual African countries, organizations and institutions that address climate change and development in Africa. Possible activities include development of early warning systems, more efficient data collection and improving short-term and seasonal forecasting. CDSF-funded projects can also support better integration of climate change in sectorial planning in, for example, agriculture, health and water sectors.

It is anticipated that the NDF engagement in the CDSF will increase the preparedness in the African countries to plan more effectively as regards the effects of climate change. NDF’s partner countries in Africa are among the fund’s eligible countries and will benefit directly and indirectly from NDF funding. NDF’s early interest in the fund has also raised interest among other potential donors.

NDF and the AfDB are more generally also expanding their cooperation in other joint activities.

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