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The Future of Project Preparation

From left: Aage Jørgensen, Country Program Manager, NDF; Christophe Dossarps, CEO, SIF

NDF hosted a seminar today about the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS), an online project management tool to support public agencies in project preparation.

Christophe Dossarps gave a presentation on the IISS, which was followed by a discussion with seminar participants from both NIB and NDF. Mr. Dossarps is CEO of the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation, which is the executing agency of IISS.

IISS is a new approach to public sector project planning, which aims to improve quality, consistency and transparency in infrastructure projects. The secure multi-user tool provides templates on a subsector basis, which are frequently revised based on stakeholder feedback.

Infrastructure projects in the developing world in particular frequently suffer from insufficient and non-transparent project preparation. The IISS is designed to streamline and expedite project preparation, which can help attract and increase investments in infrastructure projects. The platform has been developed with substantial input from the private sector and also provides an option for governments to make projects visible to private sector participants on the platform in order to gauge initial market interest.

IISS is provided free of charge to governments and is supported by all the major multilateral development banks, including the World Bank.

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