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Gender-responsive climate mitigation discussed in Vietnam

Photo: SNV
ADB Gender training
Photo: ADB
Workshop on Gender-responsive climate change mitigation in Asia and beyond

NDF, ADB, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies hosted a workshop on gender-responsive climate change mitigation in Asia and Beyond in December in Hanoi.

The purpose of the workshop was to share lessons learned from the NDF-financed technical assistance project under implementation in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The Country Director for ADB’s Vietnam Resident Mission, Mr Eric Sidwick stressed in his opening remarks the need to recognise women as change agents in making Vietnam a resilient and low-carbon country. The workshop also aimed at creating a marketplace for government policymakers, civil society and experts from ADB, AfDB, World Bank, GCF, IUCN, UN Women, WEDO, Heinrich Böll Stiftung and other stakeholders to discuss concrete actions to scale up gender-responsive mitigation actions and funding.

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