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Geothermal Knowledge Forum in Copenhagen

Photo: Hannu Eerola
Photo: Hannu Eerola

NDF participated during the second Global Geothermal Development Plan (GGDP) roundtable, held at the UN city in Copenhagen 23-24 October.

The GGDP is an initiative led by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) in collaboration with bilateral and multilateral funding institutions to develop a series of investments and to mobilize concessional funding for exploratory drilling and scale-up geothermal energy development for power generation.

The meeting was a follow-up of the first GGDP roundtable held in The Hague in November 2013, where NDF also participated. The meeting provided a platform for representatives of governments, development institutions, industry, public and private developers and sector experts to discuss the challenges and solutions for developing geothermal projects. Focus was on the exploration phase, resource risk and effective geothermal financing.

The Roundtable 2 was organized by ESMAP in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds, and with the support of UNEP-DTU and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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