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Integrating Climate Change Adaptation to Transport in Senegal


The NDF Board has approved a EUR 4.0 million support to include climate change adaptation into the Transport and Urban Mobility Project (STUMP) in Senegal.

The objective of the proposed NDF adaptation component is to develop the capacity of relevant stakeholders in Senegal to climate-proof road infrastructure planning, design and maintenance. The potential consequences of climate change to the road infrastructure in Senegal include increased capital losses of roadways and drainage systems caused by intense rainfall events, reduced access to roads caused by land-slides and mud-flows, coastal erosion of roadways, increased road accidents due to flash flooding and sand-storms in the north and an exacerbation of secondary effects, such as increased floods to surrounding fields and villages as water flows more rapidly off of paved surfaces. Increased drought in the north is of concern because of increase incidence of sandstorms, causing road accidents, and encroachment of sand dunes on communities and over roads. The NDF adaptation project therefore seeks build the capacity of the transport sector experts in the country to reduce these potential losses, and indeed to take advantage of opportunities.

While Senegal has developed strong expertise in climate change, there is still a lack of experience and know-how in implementing concrete activities on the ground. Secondly therefore, the project will also strengthen the climate change data and information that exists, identify and meet gaps in the existing data, and render it more appropriate to the needs of the transport sector. Finally, the third outcome will serve as an opportunity to apply this knowledge to field level pilot projects and to use this learning to effect changes in policies and regulations.

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