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Mid-Term Review carried out of the Cement NAMA Project in Vietnam

Photo: NIRAS
Key stakeholders review progress of the Nordic Partnership Initiative in the cement sector
Photo: NIRAS
Hoang Thach Cement Plant, Hai Duong Province

Key stakeholders reviewed the Nordic Partnership Initiative Pilot Progamme for Supporting Up-scaled Climate Change Mitigation Action in Vietnam’s Cement Sector, also called the Cement NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) project, in March 2015.

A Nordic delegation visited Vietnam in March 2015 to review progress of the Nordic Partnership Initiative Pilot Programme for Supporting Up-scaled Climate Change Mitigation Action in Vietnam’s Cement Sector. The delegation consisted of NDF and representatives of the project group of the Nordic working group for the global climate negotiations.  Also other key stakeholders participated actively in the review carried out in collaboration with the project team: Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation, Vietnam National Cement Association, Vietnam Association for Building Materials, Vietnam Institute for Building Material, among others.

The project supports Vietnam in capacity building for development and implementation of a NAMA in the cement sector. It also aims at attracting national and international financing for the NAMA and providing lessons learnt for the international climate negotiations.

Project implementation started in March 2014. Technical assistance is provided by a consortium of consultants lead by NIRAS. After one year of implementation, the project has established the most comprehensive sectorial database in an industrial sector in Vietnam and has identified the historical trend for baseline setting. Sector policies have also been reviewed with recommendations for improvement. Mitigation options and financial sources are currently being identified and evaluated against relevant barriers. The Ministry of Construction has taken the first steps in identifying a pilot project for implementation.   

In the meetings, the stakeholders highly appraised the project’s initial achievements and confirmed that the cement sector in Vietnam has high potential for climate change mitigation. The delegation also visited Hoang Thach Cement Plant which utilized fly ash to reduce the clinker content in cement. This is considered a high potential mitigation measure in the cement sector which helps reducing CO2 emissions.

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