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NDF follows developments in the Green Climate Fund towards the start of funding operations

Photo: NDF

A delegation from NDF participated in the meeting as observers

The Board of Directors of the Green Climate Fund convened at the headquarters of the fund in Songdo in South Korea for its 9th meeting. A delegation from NDF participated in the meeting as observers. The Board of Directors discussed a number of important topics which are considered as prerequisites for funding decisions to be made by the fund. First funding decisions are currently expected in October this year.

Some on-going activities funded by NDF with multilateral development banks will directly support so called climate finance readiness of developing countries, meaning that their possibilities to benefit also from GCF funding in the future are improved.

"GCF will be a very important actor in the climate finance arena, where NDF has been active already a number of years. Therefore we need to develop a good relationship and exchange information with the GCF" said Pasi Hellman, NDF managing director.