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Nicaragua biogas programme in full swing

Photo: SNV
Photo: SNV

NDF visits the Nicaragua biogas market development programme

NDF is on a supervision mission to Central America and visited the NGO SNV in Managua to discuss progress on the biogas programme. The programme aims to introduce and develop a commercially viable biogas market in Nicaragua. Biogas technology benefits income, livelihoods and quality of life of rural farmers and their families. To date almost 600 biogas systems have been installed or contracted. The programme trains masons and supervises the construction works. A small subsidy is included to make it attractive to the small and medium sized cattle farms to adopt this technology.

The biogas systems are closed compartments in which organic waste such as manure and agricultural waste decomposes. Given the lack of air, the decomposition process produces biogas, which when burned produces electric and heat energy. The system also produces high quality, liquid and solid organic fertilizer, which can be used to improve soil and increase the yield of crops and pastures. The overall biogas production process produces economic, environmental and social impact.

Biogas is widely used in many parts of the world but this programme is the first large-scale effort to launch this technology in Latin America. The project is implemented by SNV and HIVOS that have a strong track record in disseminating this technology, especially in Asia.

The biogas market development programme is jointly financed by NDF and Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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