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Reduction of vulnerability in the road sector in Nicaragua


NDF has approved a EUR 4.4 million grant financing to support development of adaptive capacity for climate change in the road transport sector

NDF will in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) finance a component in the transport sector program in Nicaragua. The NDF financed component will through institutional strengthening and capacity building secure integration of climate change aspects into planning and design of road transport infrastructure.
Central America has coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making the region subject to greater frequency and intensity of extreme climate phenomena. Climate projections for Central America show a steady increase in extreme weather events.
Nicaragua has one of the lowest road densities per person of any Latin American country. The road infrastructure is increasingly affected by climate change, and the economic impacts, especially from severe rainfall events, are often substantial, mainly through loss of access due to damage to roads, culverts, and bridges.
The IDB transport sector support program will address several of the key issues related to road quality, weight control, capacity and funding. NDF support will focus on the incremental changes in risks and the longer-term climate change impacts. This will be done through building institutional adaptive capacity, methodology and tools development, revision of norms and technical standards, and integration of climate change aspects into road planning and design.
The implementation of the NDF financed component will require technical assistance. NDF and IDB procurement rules will be followed in the procurement of consulting services.
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