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Seminar on urban adaptation to climate change

Dr. Caroline Moser and Dr. Alfredo Stein from the University of Manchester

Seminar with researchers from the Global Urban Research Centre at the University of Manchester at NDF

Dr. Caroline Moser and Dr. Alfredo Stein from the University of Manchester visited NDF where they gave a seminar presentation of the results of two recent study projects on assets and adaptation. The two studies, financed by the World Bank and Ford Foundation, were based on fieldwork data from poor urban communities in Mombasa, Kenya; Estelí, Nicaragua; Cartagena, Colombia; and Pondicherry in India. The studies aimed to better understand what poor households, small businesses and communities are doing to cope with climate change impacts, and to identify how policy and institutional systems can best build on local realities to develop pro-poor urban climate change adaptation actions. A major outcome of the studies is an operational framework which shows how bottom-up community asset  planning for climate change adaptation can be mainstreamed into top-down city wide strategic and operational planning. The two studies applied a participatory urban methodology by which local city governments, non-governmental organizations and donors that support them can address adaptation and resilience to severe weather. The presentation was followed by a roundtable discussion on possible challenges to implementation of the framework and how to overcome these. The event was attended by participants from the Nordic Development Fund (NDF), the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Helsinki.
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