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Strengthening climate change resilience in coastal fisheries in Mozambique

Photo: Jingjie Chu

NDF has approved EUR 4.0 million to support rights-based management of coastal fisheries in Mozambique

Decreasing resilience of coastal fishing communities due to destruction of marine and coastal resources and increased pressure from fishing and other economic activities is clearly a reality along the coastline of Mozambique. In addition, pressure on the resource use and coastal livelihoods from changing climatic conditions is expected to further deteriorate the situation. About 300,000-350,000 people are directly involved in the artisanal fisheries sector and with dependent household members it is estimated that around 2 million people are depending on this sector. Moreover, fish from these activities is among the most important and affordable sources of protein for a large number of people in Mozambique.

NDF will in partnership with the World Bank finance a project to reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience of coastal fishing communities. The overall vision of the project is to bring about transformation of the artisanal fishing sector in Mozambique so that community rights-based fisheries management will re-establish ecosystem health in coastal waters. Regaining ecosystem health will increase ecological resilience to climate change and expand opportunities for tourism, and substantially increase fish catch and catch value thus reducing poverty and increasing social resilience in fishing communities. The project will be implemented by the Institute for Development of Small-scale Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, with technical assistance from the international NGO Rare Conservation. The implementation of the project will require consultants to undertake studies and technical assistance. World Bank procurement rules will be followed in the procurement of consulting services.

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