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Strengthening hydro-meteorological services in Mozambique


NDF has approved a EUR 4.5 million grant financing to support improved weather forecasting and climate modelling in Mozambique

NDF will in partnership with the World Bank finance a component in the Transforming Hydro-Meteorological Services Project.

The project will strengthen the national hydro-meteorological data collection and management in addition to providing greater access to more timely and accurate hydro-meteorological information. This effort will have multiple benefits in understanding and managing water and weather related processes, at present and in the future. The hydro-meteorological services can reduce vulnerability, enhance productivity and benefit people and society at large.

The WB project has three components: 1) Strengthening Hydrological Information Management; 2) Strengthening Weather and Climate Information Management; and 3) Piloting resilience through delivery of improved weather and water information. The first component will provide support to the regional water authorities (ARAs) through rehabilitation and upgrading of the physical hydrological monitoring networks. Furthermore the component will address quality control and data management, modelling, capacity and training.

NDF will support the second component which will focus on implementation of the long-term strategic plan of the National Meteorological Institute (INAM). The component will provide technical assistance and capacity development to INAM and finance rehabilitation and upgrading of major parts of the weather stations in the existing meteorological monitoring network.

The third component will support pilot interventions to enable solutions for more effective inter-agency exchange, and delivery of hydro-meteorological products. The proposed pilots will include: early warning systems and flood forecasting in the Zambezi River basin; agro-information services in the Limpopo River basin; weather service alerts for artisanal fisheries; and competitive small grant scheme for innovative hydro-met solutions.

The project will assist Mozambique in addressing the needs identified for the hydrological and meteorological information management systems and contribute to improving monitoring, forecasting and information product delivery. The combination of both institutional capacity building, planning and physical investments will enhance the long-term sustainability. Investments in meteorological infrastructure and services are fundamental for development of other tools to improve adaptive capacity such as e.g. insurance instruments.

The implementation of the NDF financed component will require technical assistance. NDF and WB procurement rules will be followed in the procurement of consulting services.


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