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Supporting the geothermal development in Tanzania

Geothermal fieldwork in Tanzania. Photo: ICEIDA
Signing of the cooperation agreement in Tanzania

The signed agreement is part of the regional Geothermal Exploration Project

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Tanzania for support to geothermal development in the country under the joint Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) regional Geothermal Exploration Project. The main objective of this regional project is to assist countries in East Africa to enhance geothermal knowledge and capacity in order to enable further actions on geothermal utilisation. This includes active support during the exploration phase of geothermal development.

The implementing agency in Tanzania is the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC). The objective of the sub-project is to enhance knowledge of selected geothermal areas in Tanzania, including Luhoi, Ngozi and Kiejo-Mbaka, and to identify potential sites for exploration drilling and improved capacity to advance geothermal energy production. The sub-project places particular emphasis on capacity-building for Tanzanian experts through hands-on training during surface exploration and lectures on methods and interpretation.

The ICEIDA/NDF support has been organised in coordination with other on-going programmes in the sector.

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