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Third Call of the Nordic Climate Facility is now open


The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) has launched the third call for proposals on Innovative low-cost climate solutions with a focus on local business development in eligible developing countries. The third call is open until 16 January 2012.

The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) promotes the transfer of technology, know-how and innovative ideas between the Nordic countries and low-income countries facing climate change. The aim is to increase low-income countries’ abilities to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty. Grant financing up to EUR 500 000 can be granted to partnerships between relevant Nordic (i.e. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland) institutions, organisations, companies, or authorities, and qualified local Partners in low-income countries.

The support is intended for the following countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe; Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao PDR, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam; Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua. NCF is financed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and implemented jointly with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).

The total budget for the third call is EUR 6 million.

For detailed information on NCF, description of the 3rd call, guidelines and eligibility requirements, please see: Nordic Climate Facility