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Two new projects in the ADB-NDF project portfolio

Signing ceremony at the ADB

Today ADB and NDF signed two new co-financing agreements for two interesting climate change projects in Cambodia and Bangladesh. This makes the total ADB-NDF climate change project portfolio comprise 18 projects totalling 40.6 million euros.

The first agreement is for the Rural Roads Improvement Project II (RRIP II) in Cambodia. The project aims to provide poor rural provinces with a safer, climate resilient and cost-effective rural road network with all-year access to markets, jobs and social services.
The second agreement is for the project National Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Proposal for the Railway Sector in Bangladesh. The project aims to improve national capacity to understand and benefit from NAMAs in the context of Bangladesh railway sector. A final NAMA report will be prepared to be registered at United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change NAMA registry.

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