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Zambia’s rural water supply and sanitation climate-resilience to be strengthened

Photo: Alex Berger, Creative Commons Licence
Photo: Alex Berger, Creative Commons Licence

NDF has approved a EUR 2.25 million grant for climate resilient rural water supply and sanitation in Zambia

NDF and the African Development Bank will co-finance the second phase of the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in Western Province, Zambia. NDF’s involvement will support Zambia’s Climate Change Response Strategy where one priority is to make the water sector more climate-resilient and another to develop a climate-resilient national water and sanitation policy.

NDF’s project will be the first attempt in Zambia to analyse the present and expected climate impact on rural water and sanitation systems delivery from a holistic approach. Local level water resources management, flood control measures, deforestation issues, early warning and climate-proofing of water supply and sanitation installations will all be examined.

The project will include capacity and tools development and field testing of climate-resilient approaches in 80-100 communities in both flood- and drought-prone rural communities to ensure climate-resilience of water and sanitation infrastructure. The results will be integrated into the planned national water and sanitation strategy and design standards in order to ensure long-term benefits for the sector and the entire country.

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