NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Nordic Climate Facility (NCF)

The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) is a challenge fund set up in 2009 to finance early stage climate change projects in developing countries. NCF aims to build a portfolio of innovative business concepts which have been tested, proved viable and are ready to be scaled-up and replicated.

NCF is financed and managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

More information: nordicclimatefacility.com

Project portfolio

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Past calls for proposals

Since its inception in 2009, NCF has launched eight calls for proposals. The first four calls were administered by NEFCO. The fifth call and onwards are administered by NDF. The themes of all past calls are listed in the following:

  • NCF 1: Water resources and energy efficiency
  • NCF 2: Renewable energy and urban adaptation
  • NCF 3: Innovative low-cost climate solutions with a focus on local business development
  • NCF 4: Inclusive green growth projects contributing to private sector development
  • NCF 5: Climate resilience in urban and private sector contexts
  • NCF 6: Green growth for sustainable livelihoods
  • NCF 7: Climate as Business - Testing innovative green business concepts
  • NCF 8: Testing the business viability of climate solutions

Reviews and reports

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