NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors makes policy decisions in matters that involve operations and administrative questions. The Board of Directors approves the financing transactions proposed by the Managing Director. The Board of Directors is responsible for the financial statements. The Board of Directors may delegate its powers to the Managing Director to the extent considered appropriate.

Each member country appoints one member and one alternate to the Fund’s Board of Directors for a term of five years. The Board of Directors elects a Chairman and Deputy Chairman for a term of one year. The chairmanship and the deputy chairmanship rotate among the member countries. The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) has an appointed Observer in the Board of Directors. The Chief Counsel of NDF serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors


Morten Blomqvist, Chief Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (Deputy Chair of the Board)
Alternate: Henrik Silkjær Nielsen, Chief Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Max von Bonsdorff, Director of Unit for Development Financing Institutions, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Alternate: Johanna Pietikäinen, Programme Officer (internationl climate policy, environmental finance), Ministry for Foreign Affairs


Member: to be nominated
Alternate: Ólafur Sigurðsson, Director, Ministry for Foreign Affairs


Anne Sofie Bjelland, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Alternate: to be nominated


Lars Roth, Deputy Director, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, (Chair of the Board)
Alternate: to be nominated


Johan Ljungberg, Senior Director, Nordic Investment Bank


Christina Stenvall-Kekkonen, Chief Counsel, NDF