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Daily weather forecasts for Mozambique


The Mozambique National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) begins daily production of weather forecasts for the national television.

Mozambique is vulnerable to severe weather events as demonstrated by the two recent cyclones Idai and Kenneth in the middle and north of the country with a death toll of more than 700 people and estimated damages of more than one billion dollars.
The UK Met Office works with the Mozambique National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) to enhance the capacity of INAM to provide meteorological information. As part of this effort, a brand new television studio is now in operation at the INAM headquarters in Maputo. The INAM TV studio produces daily weather forecasts for the national television network TVM (Televisão de Moçambique). The regular televised weather forecasts will begin on 3 June. The first weather forecast video is now live on the INAM webpage and can be seen at the following link:


The UK Met Office works together with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Deltares (Netherlands), and CONSULTEC (Mozambique independent agency) to provide long-term technical assistance to INAM. This project is supported by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and aligned to the Transforming Hydro-Meteorological Services Project, which is financed by the World Bank Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). The new high definition media studio and associated training has been provided through working together with the UK Voluntary Cooperation Programme as part of their long-term programme of media support in partnership with the WMO VCP.

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