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Photo: Michael Stub
Leena Klossner, Acting Managing Director of NDF, opened the Urban Workshop
Photo: Michael Stub
Bicycle tour led by former Copenhagen Mayor Morten Kabell

Mayors from 16 Latin American and Caribbean cities participate in an urban workshop to learn from Nordic experience

27 May 2019, Copenhagen - Mayors and urban planners from major cities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago are in Copenhagen and Malmö to learn from Nordic urban experiences. The Urban Workshop: Learning from Nordic Experience is a three-day dynamic event with a mix of panel discussions and site visits. The event is organised by the Inter-American Development Bank (DB) and Nordic Development Fund (NDF) in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), and the cities of Copenhagen and Malmö.

The first day focused on urban transport and urban renovation with participation of representatives from Nordic and Latin American cities plus research institutions and private companies. The two morning panels were followed by a bicycle tour of Copenhagen led by former mayor Morten Kabell, who provided insights on planning and infrastructure for cycling. He emphasised that in order to promote bike transport you need to build the infrastructure and then people will start using it.

Another visit went to North Harbour where Copenhagen is transforming an old industrial area into a new sustainable neighbourhood. This project is led by Copenhagen City & Port Development, a public urban development enterprise. The site visits concluded with a presentation of the green energy transformation at the EnergyLab in North Harbour.

In the evening, the Confederation of Danish Industry hosted a reception with a presentation on green buildings.

NDF Vice-President and Acting Managing Director Leena Klossner opened the Urban Workshop where she briefly presented NDF support to cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The event is linked to the NDF support to the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative in Latin America.

The Urban Workshop: Learning from Nordic Experience continues Tuesday with panels on The Green, Inclusive, and Resilient City and The Smart City. Tuesday afternoon is reserved for a walking tour in Vesterbro and Islands Brygge, led by GEHL Architects.

The event concludes Wednesday 29 May with a full day visit to Malmö. The visit includes a presentation of the gender mainstreaming work of the City of Malmö and several site visits.

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