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NDF financed GREENPYME gains recognition from the Bolivian press

Photo: Inter-American Investment Corporation

Recently organised energy efficiency workshops have sparked the interest of the Bolivian media.The GREENPYME workshops attracted 260 participants and received a positive response from the local newspapers.

“Efficient use of energy involves important economic benefits for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the medium and long term”, explains Energy Press in their newly published newspaper article “Efficiency: Good Business” (Energy Press, 11/03/2013). The article refers to the driving idea behind the GREENPYME program, which has recently organized a set of energy efficiency workshops for Bolivian SMEs and their framework organisations.

The seminars and workshops addressed the vital role of corporate energy efficiency in improving firms’ competitiveness and productivity in medium and long term. A total of 260 energy experts and company representatives attended the GREENPYME workshops to share their experiences on the issue. America Economía (08/03/2013) newspaper reported that the meetings covered different aspects related energy efficiency – including environmental impacts, challenges and opportunities – and provided success stories for the participants.

The program aims to spread the culture of energy efficiency though a win-win framework, which highlights the financial benefits of sustainable production. GREENPYME workshops provide SMEs with necessary tools to analyse, lead and implement energy efficient actions and help them access appropriate financing. The program also provides technical assistance through the Energy Audit Program, in which experts determine possible energy leaks in SMEs and offer them measures to improve efficiency.

The GREENPYME program was launched by Inter-American Development Corporation and NDF in 2010, and more than 45 companies have already signed up for GREENPYME and the Energy Audit Program in Bolivia. Altogether, the programs target to benefit a total of 80 Bolivian SMEs during the following three years.

Read the full articles (in Spanish) at: Energy Press and America Economía

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