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NDF projects on the vanguard for women’s involvement in climate change mitigation

Photo: SNV
Photo: SNV
Photo: SNV

A blog entry on the Huffington Post's website discusses experiences from NDF projects in the Mekong region.

As part of the NDF-funded Gender and Climate Change, three pilot projects in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have been carried out successfully.

In a new interview, project manager Linda Adams shares experiences from the projects and discusses how to amplify women’s roles in mitigating climate change:

”Governments tend to think of activities to address climate change as ‘men’s work’, while post-disaster community cleanup activities are seen as ‘women’s work,” she says.
”However, our projects have demonstrated that women can be part of the solution through activities such as skills training to manufacture and sell energy-efficient household stoves; financial support to invest in bio-digesters which reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and increased knowledge to contribute to the preparation of national climate change strategies.”

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