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NDF supports Kenya-Nordic Green Hub

Nairobi. Photo: Ninara, CCL
Nairobi. Photo: Ninara, CCL
Water ATM Nairobi
Water ATM Nairobi
KNGH Partners
KNGH Partners

New innovative partnership between Kenyan and Nordic stakeholders will contribute to solving the growing climate challenges in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi

NDF has approved EUR 500,000 to co-finance the establishment of the Kenya-Nordic Green Hub in Nairobi, Kenya to promote Nordic green solutions. The new project aims to enhance climate change resilience and reduce carbon emissions in Nairobi through transfer of technologies and experiences from the Nordic countries facilitated by the Kenya-Nordic Green Hub. The target group consists of public institutions responsible for urban development in Nairobi, local influencers, local sales channels, and Nordic companies and public institutions. The final beneficiaries will be urban residents in Nairobi.

The Kenya-Nordic Green Hub (KNGH) will be led by a consortium headed by the Confederation of Danish Industry in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (local partner and head of interim KNGH secretariat); Aalto University, Finland; Inclusive Business Sweden; Quercus Group; and DI Learning Lab. The commercial management will be undertaken by Business Finland, Innovation Norway, Business Sweden, and State of Green, Denmark.

The proposed project will build on the Sustainable Development Goals by offering concrete inputs on how innovative partnerships between Kenyan and Nordic stakeholders can contribute to solving the growing climate challenges in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The project is expected to pave the way for climate benefits in Nairobi through introduction of best practices and follow-up investments from the Nordic countries.

The proposed project will use the potential of Nordic cooperation to transfer proven Nordic technology and urban climate change solutions into the Nairobi context, building resilience and reducing emissions. The KNGH initiative will use the Nordic brand, making both individual countries and companies more visible and even more interesting as partners. Nordic partners can through such cooperation be offered better services through a broader professional network and gain entry into the Kenyan climate resilience market. From the Nairobi perspective, the KNGH will provide a one-stop access to Nordic knowledge, technology and partnerships on urban climate solutions.

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