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Nordic Climate Facility project in Bangladesh received Urban Resilience Award

Photo: Maja Bygvrå, Plan International DK

Plan International Bangladesh received Urban Resilience Award for its Nordic Climate Facility-financed Community-Driven Climate Adaptation project

The Institute of Architects in Bangladesh organised the Third Annual Conference on Urban Resilience. The object of the conference was to draw attention on making cities climate resilient and migrant friendly by complementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

During the conference, a special competition was held to showcase excellent practices/contribution on urban resilience building in Bangladesh. Plan International Bangladesh received ‘Urban Resilience Award’ for excellence in urban resilience and climate action through its Community Driven Climate Adaptation (CDCA) project initiatives, which are implemented together with the Social and Economic Enhancement Programme-SEEP. The project aims to co-create and implement climate change adaptation solutions in Dhaka's Match Colony in order to make the community more resilient to the multiple impacts of climate change locally, particularly flooding and waterlogging.

Approximately, 500 participants including government officials, academics, researchers and students, private sector and I/NGO representatives attended the event.

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