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Second award won by NCF microfinance project

Photo: Gaia

The NCF-co-financed project “Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance in Ethiopia” has won the National Energy Globe Award Ethiopia.

This award is the second to be won by the project, which was also given the 2016 Best Climate Practices Award by the International Center for Climate Governance.

NDF wishes to congratulate the project leader, Finnish consulting company Gaia, and the other implementing partners MicroEnergy International, Swan Management and three Ethiopian microfinance institutions.

The project established an innovative and replicable mechanism to finance clean energy technologies for households and small and middle size enterprises (SMEs) through a microcredit financing mechanism. The business models developed in the project enable the involved microfinance institutions to offer clean energy technologies to more than 200,000 households and small enterprises in Ethiopia.

NCF’s fourth call for proposals co-financed the project with a EUR 325,900 grant in 2014.

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