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Support to Economics of Climate Change Study for Central America

 Photo: Nana Reimers/Danida
Photo: Nana Reimers/Danida

NDF provides a grant to study the economic costs of climate change in Central America

The Board of NDF has approved support to the multi-donor program The Economics of Climate Change in Central America which is being carried out with the joint efforts of the Ministries of Environment and Treasury in the concerned countries, the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD), and the Subregional Headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (CEPAL) in Mexico, with the support of IDB and other donors such as DFID and DANIDA.  Work to date under Phase 1 of the program has included region-wide projections of the physical damages potentially encountered under a “business as usual” scenario.  Phase 2 of the program will include country-specific assessment of s the economic and social cost of these damages and to develop economic and other instruments required to adapt to the changing environment as well as to encourage the development of a low-carbon economy.  

More information:

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