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The Annual Report for 2017 is now available

Read the report as a pdf here: NDF Annual Report 2017


The NCF Results Report 2017 is now available online.

The Nordic Climate Facility Results Report 2017 covers results from the overall NCF portfolio and highlights from projects completed in 2017.


The summary report shows strong results for NDF's activities

The report profiles NDF’s activities and results during 2017 based on the Results-based Management Framework, and with focus on results at the institutional level, at the portfolio level, and for individual projects.


The publication, produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, focuses on actions taken by the Nordic countries to speed the transition to a sustainable low-carbon society.

The publication shows how sustainable development is possible, with strong climate policies contributing to economic growth and job creation as well as environmental improvements.


The 2016 Annual Review for the Nordic Climate Facility's calls 1 to 4 has been published.

The Annual Review covers calls 1-4, which are administered by NEFCO. At the end of 2016, 36 out of 51 NCF1-4 projects were fully completed.


A summary report of NDF’s 2016 activities and results is now available online.

During 2016, nine NDF-backed climate-related projects reached completion. Brief summaries of the results of these projects are presented in the report, which also summarises NDF and NCF’s operational highlights of last year.

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The Nordic Development Fund's Annual Report for 2016 is now available for download.

PDF can be found below, and the report can also be read online.

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Read about NCF's activities in 2016 in the Annual Report, which covers calls 5–9.

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Following approval by NDF’s Board of Directors on 8 March 2017, new Environmental and Social Policy and Guidelines

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A publication from Nordic Partnership Initiative.

The publication describes NAMAs as a tool for NDC implementation– options for financing and is available as a PDF file here.


This fact sheet summarises and illustrates NDF's activities

The fact sheet can be read as a pdf file here.


This fact sheet presents key steps towards implementing a sustainable MRV system as well as recommendations on MRV for scaled-up climate action

Under the Paris Agreement, the Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) requirements for greenhouse gas emissions of all countries will be harmonised.


Read about Nordic Climate Facility’s activities during 2015 in the Annual Review.


Agile and Innovative - NDF looking ahead

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This fact sheet summarises and illustrates NDF's activities.

The fact sheet is available as a PDF file here.

Cover of the fact sheet.

This fact sheet summarises and illustrates Nordic Climate Facility's activities.

The fact sheet is available as a PDF file here.

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This report reviews the NDF experience and lessons learned so far from its climate change adaptation project portfolio in the road transport sector covering eight projects in seven low-income countries (Cambodia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Senegal, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia).

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This fact sheet illustrates the extensive climate support provided by the Nordic Countries for developing countries, which includes various kinds of grants, loans and guarantees, as well as vital technical assistance.