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Transport NAMA Support Facility [NDF C66]

Photo: Jørgen Schytte/Danida
The Support Facility will be established with the aim of strengthening transport NAMA development and promoting NAMA finance in Asia.

Regional Asia
Transport NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) Support Facility
Ref: Small Grants Facility SGF

EUR 0.5 Million
Project Period: 2015-2016
Partner Agency: Asian Development Bank
Project completed in December 2016. Actual disbursed amount EUR 419,646.06.

The project aims to enhance the level of mitigation actions in the transport sector in ADB’s Developing Member Countries (DMCs). Additionally the project addresses barriers for climate finance and stimulates NAMA advancement in the region. The project has the potential to contribute to the development of innovative climate finance mechanisms in line with NDF strategy 2014-2015. The facility supports the development of the NAMA mechanism and will contribute to this innovative mechanism for climate finance becoming more widely accepted.

The Transport NAMA Support Facility will provide support in the form of capacity development including:

  • A pool of transport and climate change experts will be housed in ADB which can be tapped by governments to provide hands-on support in the design of their transport NAMAs thereby facilitating learning by doing;
  • Training and knowledge sharing workshops will be organised; and
  • Follow-up support will be provided in structuring and attracting project finance through both carbon market financing and traditional forms of financing.

Total costs estimated at EUR 500,000 (USD  675,000) is proposed to be fully funded by NDF. ADB will contribute with staff input.

Program Manager Martina Jägerhorn
Tel: +358 10 618 0456