NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Projects: Kenya

A street view from Marsabit suburb. Photo Blerand Greicevci, HAMK.
The project creates models for sustainable low-cost buildings and energy-efficient renewable energy technologies in hot and arid climates by providing affordable and quality housing options for low-income people.
Photo: Heli Sinkko, NCF
The project will support rural enterprises to produce and market green biomass briquettes in the sugar belt region of Kenya.
Photo: Heli Sinkko
The project will support farmers to implement Climate Smart Agriculture and establish sustainable farmer enterprises for the adaptation to and mitigation of climate change
Photo: Heli Sinkko
The project will contribute to secure livelihoods for small-scale farmers and mitigation of climate change in the semi-arid county of Laikipia
The project will improve water measurement, water sale and water use efficiency in adaptation to climate change
A Biocenter in Nyaharwa, Nairobi. Photo: Niels Bahnsen
The aim of this project is to establish a medium-scale business by constructing a biogas and fertiliser plant, which will help reduce negative environmental impacts and cut the costs faced by public latrines.
The project aims to increase capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change by enhancing access to safe water resources piloting innovative environmentally sustainable water systems in vulnerable rural communities in Isiolo District in Kenya.
The project aims to build adaptive capacity of the lead agency in water resources, the Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA), and the Water Resource User Associations (WRUAs)
Improve living conditions and resilience to the effects of climate change among communities in Mt. Elgon water catchment area.
The project aims to increase resilience through improved water utilisation techniques in pastoralist communities in arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya.