NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Projects: Laos

Photo: NDF
The project aims at improving climate adaptation through supporting the development of locally owned and managed small-scale water supplying and sanitation infrastructure systems
The Lao PDR - National Road 13 North - Climate Resilient Upgrade and Maintenance project will showcase best-practice climate-resilient road infrastructure for the most heavily trafficked road section in Lao PDR.
Photo: Jørgen Schytte/Danida
The general program objectives to which NDF funding will contribute are: (i) improved climate-resilient road connectivity in selected provinces; and (ii) strengthened climate-resilient and efficient road asset management practices at national and provincial levels.
NDF will finance a Pre-Feasibility Study for Pakse municipality, situated by the Mekong River in Laos, which will cover issues related to climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as general environmental improvements.
The primary contribution of the project will be to improve institutional and technical capacity to adapt to climate change.