NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

  • NDF supports efforts to put climate change and connected issues like health on the agenda.
  • Through for example the Project Readiness Improvement Fund, NDF can help make sure that climate change concerns are addressed early on in the project cycle.
  • Targeting new climate solutions, new financing tools and new partners such as the African Guarantee Fund’s green guarantee facility established with NDF support.
  • With projects like EcoMicro 2.0, NDF seeks to harness private sector potential for climate solutions.
  • NDF is able to participate in risk-filled projects like assisting East Africa Rift Valley countries in completing the exploratory phases of geothermal development.
  • NDF targets projects with significant scale-up potential such as the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, which now works with 71 cities in Latin America.
  • The new strategy will focus on strong Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges

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